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Fic: Ashes to Ashes - PG - SGA

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Author: Kazlynh
Claim: Table 3/Ronon Dex
Prompt: #16 Ashes
Fandom: SGA
Rating: U
Word Count: 351                                      
Summary: A private wake

Silence had settled, thick and heavy across the grief. An empty bottle of Bowmore sat between John Sheppard's outstretched legs. Back against the cool metal of Atlantis' bulkhead, he gazed out across the ocean, nursing the last dram of whisky in the glass in his hands.

Ronon sat on one side of him, Rodney on the other.

"Ashes to ashes..." Rodney slurred, softly. "Why do they say that?"

Ronon shrugged, lifting his glass. "We don't..." he told the scientist before draining the last mouthful of the amber liquid.

"Oh," was the only thing Rodney could find to say.

There was silence again for a long moment, then Rodney put it, "His family were amazing..."

Ronon and John both grunted in agreement.

"It was... a good send off," Rodney decided.

Ronon and John both grunted in agreement, again.

There was silence for another, long moment then Ronon began, "It's strange... without him..." He took a breath then went on, "After Sateda... never thought I'd miss anyone..."

"Hey!" John countered. "No maudlin!" He reached for the bottle, "We're here to drink Carson's Bowmore and remember the..."

He trailed off and Ronon turned his head, looking at him, blearily. "What?"

John held up the empty bottle. "Bowmore's gone..."

A gentle snore drew Ronon's attention. He leaned forward, looking past John. Then he leaned back, announcing, "So's Mackay."

"Maybe," John suggested, "we should put him to bed..."

Ronon grunted in agreement, nodding. "Good idea." Slowly, ungracefully, he clambered to his feet. He had to steady himself against the wall as the world tilted and swung around him, but he stayed upright.

"You need a hand?" he asked, looking down at Sheppard. Mouth open, head tilted back against the wall, John was asleep. Ronon grinned, chuckling softly, looking from the soldier to the scientist.

"Lightweights," he muttered, softly. Then he turned, sliding down the wall to sit back down on the floor beside John. Folding his arms across his chest, tilting his head back against the wall, he closed his eyes.

"I'll make sure they're okay, Doc," he promised, quietly. "You have my word on that."



Oh that was wonderful, beautifully in canon!
I like that. A nice tribute to Carson, who died too soon.