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Fic: Be Strong - PG - SGA

Title: Be Strong

Author: Kazlynh

Claim: Table 3/Ronon Dex

Prompt: #15 Hunt

Fandom: SGA
Rating: U

Word Count: 398                                      

Summary: A village is attacked

Ronon Dex grabbed both Carson Beckett and the woman and child, dragging them to the ground. Bits of wood and tree bark spattered around them as the Wraith blaster fire sailed over their heads and into the tree above their heads. The little boy whimpered.

"Hush," Ronan told him, smiling at him, kissing his hair. Looking at the boy's mother, he told them, "Be strong. We'll be fine..."

Letting the boy go, rolling over onto his back, Ronon took aim at the Wraith.

"Move!" he ordered.

Carson obeyed him, scrambling to his feet, hauling the woman up, grasping hold of the toddler and taking off towards the Stargate.

Ronon fired, then rolled to his feet, firing in the direction of the Wraith again. The Stargate was so close he had been able to see it. All he had to do was fight off the Wraith, keeping Carson, the woman and her toddler son safe until the Doctor had dialled the Atlantis address.

So close... and yet so far...

It had been sheer bad luck that the Wraith had attacked the village. An outbreak of influenza, unwittingly brought in by the Atlantis crew, had afflicted the village and a medical team had been sent in to help. There had been a military team too, headed by Sheppard.

Ronan had no idea how many of the Atlantis people, or the villagers had survived. In the heat of the attack, Sheppard had taken responsibility for the villagers, ordering Ronon to get Carson to safety.

Ronon had grabbed the doctor, and the woman and child Carson had been attending. Despite the doctor's protest, Ronon had hustled them all towards the Stargate.

The Wraith had followed. They had been so close that Ronon could almost feel the glee as they revelled in the hunt. Their enjoyment was palpable: their disregard for human lives obvious.

Turning, firing again, he tried to cover Carson as the doctor reached the dialling device and input the Atlantis coordinates.

There wasn't time. Ronon knew there wasn't time. Roaring in denial he ran toward the Wraith, firing blindly, trying to lay firing cover for Carson.

The Wraith counter fire caught him full in the chest, sending him flying backwards onto the ground, stealing the breath from his lungs. As darkness rushed in, he heard the echo of gunfire and the unmistakeable sound of the Stargate threshold whooshing into life.


And you leave it there? Evil!