Fic: Ashes to Ashes - PG - SGA

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Author: Kazlynh
Claim: Table 3/Ronon Dex
Prompt: #16 Ashes
Fandom: SGA
Rating: U
Word Count: 351                                      
Summary: A private wake

Silence had settled, thick and heavy across the grief. An empty bottle of Bowmore sat between John Sheppard's outstretched legs. Back against the cool metal of Atlantis' bulkhead, he gazed out across the ocean, nursing the last dram of whisky in the glass in his hands.

Ronon sat on one side of him, Rodney on the other.

"Ashes to ashes..." Rodney slurred, softly. "Why do they say that?"

Ronon shrugged, lifting his glass. "We don't..." he told the scientist before draining the last mouthful of the amber liquid.

"Oh," was the only thing Rodney could find to say.

There was silence again for a long moment, then Rodney put it, "His family were amazing..."

Ronon and John both grunted in agreement.

"It was... a good send off," Rodney decided.

Ronon and John both grunted in agreement, again.

There was silence for another, long moment then Ronon began, "It's strange... without him..." He took a breath then went on, "After Sateda... never thought I'd miss anyone..."

"Hey!" John countered. "No maudlin!" He reached for the bottle, "We're here to drink Carson's Bowmore and remember the..."

He trailed off and Ronon turned his head, looking at him, blearily. "What?"

John held up the empty bottle. "Bowmore's gone..."

A gentle snore drew Ronon's attention. He leaned forward, looking past John. Then he leaned back, announcing, "So's Mackay."

"Maybe," John suggested, "we should put him to bed..."

Ronon grunted in agreement, nodding. "Good idea." Slowly, ungracefully, he clambered to his feet. He had to steady himself against the wall as the world tilted and swung around him, but he stayed upright.

"You need a hand?" he asked, looking down at Sheppard. Mouth open, head tilted back against the wall, John was asleep. Ronon grinned, chuckling softly, looking from the soldier to the scientist.

"Lightweights," he muttered, softly. Then he turned, sliding down the wall to sit back down on the floor beside John. Folding his arms across his chest, tilting his head back against the wall, he closed his eyes.

"I'll make sure they're okay, Doc," he promised, quietly. "You have my word on that."


Fic: Be Strong - PG - SGA

Title: Be Strong

Author: Kazlynh

Claim: Table 3/Ronon Dex

Prompt: #15 Hunt

Fandom: SGA
Rating: U

Word Count: 398                                      

Summary: A village is attacked

Ronon Dex grabbed both Carson Beckett and the woman and child, dragging them to the ground. Bits of wood and tree bark spattered around them as the Wraith blaster fire sailed over their heads and into the tree above their heads. The little boy whimpered.

"Hush," Ronan told him, smiling at him, kissing his hair. Looking at the boy's mother, he told them, "Be strong. We'll be fine..."

Letting the boy go, rolling over onto his back, Ronon took aim at the Wraith.

"Move!" he ordered.

Carson obeyed him, scrambling to his feet, hauling the woman up, grasping hold of the toddler and taking off towards the Stargate.

Ronon fired, then rolled to his feet, firing in the direction of the Wraith again. The Stargate was so close he had been able to see it. All he had to do was fight off the Wraith, keeping Carson, the woman and her toddler son safe until the Doctor had dialled the Atlantis address.

So close... and yet so far...

It had been sheer bad luck that the Wraith had attacked the village. An outbreak of influenza, unwittingly brought in by the Atlantis crew, had afflicted the village and a medical team had been sent in to help. There had been a military team too, headed by Sheppard.

Ronan had no idea how many of the Atlantis people, or the villagers had survived. In the heat of the attack, Sheppard had taken responsibility for the villagers, ordering Ronon to get Carson to safety.

Ronon had grabbed the doctor, and the woman and child Carson had been attending. Despite the doctor's protest, Ronon had hustled them all towards the Stargate.

The Wraith had followed. They had been so close that Ronon could almost feel the glee as they revelled in the hunt. Their enjoyment was palpable: their disregard for human lives obvious.

Turning, firing again, he tried to cover Carson as the doctor reached the dialling device and input the Atlantis coordinates.

There wasn't time. Ronon knew there wasn't time. Roaring in denial he ran toward the Wraith, firing blindly, trying to lay firing cover for Carson.

The Wraith counter fire caught him full in the chest, sending him flying backwards onto the ground, stealing the breath from his lungs. As darkness rushed in, he heard the echo of gunfire and the unmistakeable sound of the Stargate threshold whooshing into life.


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This weekend I went to my very first convention in ten years... and I HAD A BLAST!!!!!

It was so much fun and I was with fabulous people. I met some lovely, new friends from France, Sweden and Germany as well as the UK.

In true, convention style, there was a slight hiccup to begin with... when our flight was cancelled!!!! An aircraft had run off the runway at Birmingham, closing the airport. The plane that was due to take us to Belfast City, ended up stuck in Birmingham. The lovely check-in girls at Dundee, booked us all onto a Glasgow-Belfast plane and organised a coach to take us down to Glasgow. So we started off with a road trip! We were delayed by a fw hours, but still made it to the pub for 7pm! Haha!

Because I had been to a convention before, I ended up being asked if I'd steward... and had the lovely task of shepherding Miltos Yerolemou to where he needed to be (Syrio Forel, the sword master from Game of Thrones)

The Sunday saw us being taken to some of the places in Northern Ireland where Game of Thrones is filmed. I love that sort of thing, being able to recognise places. In one of the spots, they'd been filming the day before and were obviously planning to go back, because they'd left the markers on the ground, which caused mild hysteria amongst some of my companions! Hehe!


My lovely friend Dave is involved with a rather exciting project involving the building of a 'motte and bailey' Medieval fort near Stirling. It's called DunCarron and has been a work-in-progress for the last fifteen years. Most of that has been an on-paper project, but in the last few years they've finally been able to find land and start building!!!!!

The enclosure is complete and they've started on the Great House.

This weekend they opened it up to the public, to let everyone see how far they've come! It was fabulous! Kaz got to throw axes, and use both a bow and a crossbow!!!

Photos here!!!! Hehe!!!!

For anyone who's interested in what's going on, have a look at the website.

I'd already spoken to Dave about the potential of doing a fundraiser for DunCarron. Today I got to speak to Charlie and Malin (the CEO and Site Manager) about it. Obviously they were busy with all sorts of other things, but they liked the idea, so I'll drop Malin an email during the week and take it from there!!!!

In fact, in talking about things, Malin told me a fabulous story about her mother going to see the movie Gladiator. Charlie played the huge Germanian leader who holds up the Roman soldier's head at the beginning of the movie and roars "Ihr seid verfluchte hunde!!!!" before throwing the head on the ground.

Her Mum, forgetting that she was in a cinema, stood up and cried out in horror "That man is raising my grandchildren!!!!" - at which point the whole place erupted into raucous applause!!!!!!! :D

Major compliment :D

Last night I was dancing at a charity fundraiser in Dundee.

It's the first time I've ever choreographed and danced Steampunk Urban Fusion... 

I love the music - Emily Browning's version of Sweet Dreams (Are made of These) - and the choreography is a fusion of flowing oriental moves and Urban 'pops' and 'locks'

An Egyptian-style teacher, whom I greatly admire, sought me out at the end of the night and told me that, in her opinion - and she's seen me dance a few styles - I had found my niche. She went on to say that my moves had been sharp, controlled, flowing, precise, powerful and that it was the best she had ever seen me perform... and then she asked me how I had done my shimmy.

I was, quite frankly, gobsmacked. To have a teacher of her calibre, ask little-old-me how to perform a move is, to me anyway, the ultimate compliment. It's also a huge compliment to Paula Sana, who has taught me everything I know about Urban style.

There is no doubt, at all, about what I'll be dancing at the Edinburgh Festival - and I'll be practising my bahooky off to perfect my moves!!!!

Now all I have to do is combine it with a sword for my friend's wedding in October! Eep! *happy dance*


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Kelly Clarkson has been on just about every talk show on UK tv recently and - until my mate Dott mentioned she'd won US X-Factor - I thought I had no idea who she was... until I found the video below and suddenly remembered sitting in my brother and sister-in-law's house in Indianapolis, watching CMT (they need to start that over here in the UK!!!!) and singing along at the top of my voice...


Can't bit a bit of Reba... or Kelly.... or Amon Amarth.... or Within Temptation... he he he!!!!!

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Minime being routed....

It looks as if someone at has had a mental aberration and decided that you can only write FAN fiction about certain subjects.

I give it a few weeks before all of my fic has been removed.

I know that there's a few other fanfic sites out there and I know that you lovely people will be the ones in the know! My stuff on MoonlightFiction will be safe, but any other suggestions will be gratefully accepted!!!!

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Where have the last few weeks gone?????????

First is first, the Cabaret Evening was a brilliant success, people are already asking to dance again next year (guess it won't quite be that one-off then! Haha!) and we raised over £900! Yay!

I was dancing at another charity event down in North Queensferry last weekend, which was another fabulous night. Funny thing happened, though. There's a dance group from Edinburgh called Twisted Tails and I was dancing right after them. When I went to hand my music to the DJ, I noticed that there was a CD sitting with "Sweet Dreams" written on it. I asked the DJ who had given him the CD and he pointed out Susan, who is the lead dancer of Twisted Tails.

I gave the DJ my music, then wandered over to Susan. The conversation went something like this.

Me - Susan, what version of Sweet Dreams are you dancing to?
Susan - Emily Browning's from Sucker Punch...
Me - (trying not to giggle) Erm... Guess what? I'm dancing right after you... and I'm also dancing to Emily Browning's Sweet Dreams...

Cue much hilarity!!!! Susan decided not to tell the other girls in Twisted Tails, to let it be a surprise, but we warned the DJ and the girl who was doing the MC for the evening. Best laugh was, NO-ONE NOTICED!!!!! (apart from the Twisted Tails girls!)

I'm dancing at another event in Dundee, in June, and have been assured that no-one else is dancing to the same music as me! :D

In other news, the pay issue has been resolved and Highlands and Islands Airports have agreed to harmonisation: which means that within three years, I will be earning exactly the same money as every other ATCO in the HIA group. At the moment (because we were taken over by them) I'm earning £8,500 less than every other HIA controller - some of whom are working less aircraft in a year than I do in a MONTH!

It's an incredible success! I didn't think they would agree to full parity in the present economic climate, but they did! My hat is off for the union rep who fought for this for us.

In other-other news, I'M GOING TO TITANCON in Belfast!!!!! I'm terribly excited. I've not been to a convention in ages!!!!!

*happy dance*
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Those of you who know me will have a good giggle at the fact that the village church approached me, asking if I could arrange a fundraiser for their Refurbishment Appeal.

As there's been a place of worship in Inchture since the 1100s (it was first mentioned in a Papal Bull in 1150) and is, therefore, part of not just the local heritage, but Scottish heritage, I readily agreed. The current building is Victorian and in need of a lot of work to make it fit for purpose for the 21st century. They reckon it's going to take at least £1 million to refurbish the church. A good portion of that will come from grants from organisations such as Historic Scotland, but that will still leave around £300,000 for the church to raise over the next three years.

So, the fundraiser is on Saturday night. It's a Cabaret style evening with a historical theme and some fantastic dancers/singers are coming to perform... simply because I asked them to come - which is amazing and terribly humbling. We've sold 90 tickets so far, which guarantees at least £400 plus whatever we make from the raffle. We have some fabulous crystal and silverware that has been donated as raffle prizes.

It's all gearing up to be a fabulous night! As long as I can remember the words of the songs I'm singing!  The possibility of another fundraiser next year has already been muted by the ladies of the village who are all quite excited about coming!

All of which has meant that writing has taken a back seat for rehearsals... but I promise that my current Star Wars epic is almost... almost... finished...

And I can't close without pausing on the terribly sad news that the fan-fiction world is one star darker with the passing of iantalia -  There are no words... but my thoughts are with her husband and daughter.

Blessed Be, little one.


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Is this the Caribbean? The Mediterranean?

Nope, it's my holiday hideaway on Harris (Western Isles, Scotland). This gorgeous beach is only a half-hour walk from the holiday chalet I go to... (or my mate's spare room if the chalet is booked) I'm heading up there in May and really looking forward to it.

My new DELL has arrived and is loverly!!!!!! *pets the pretty* The clarity of the screen is amazing and it's so fast!